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Company Profile

       Shengli valve is located in the famous town of Plumbing High-tech Technology Park, Nanan city Fujian province, the company registered capital of

116 million Yuan, covers an area of 100 mu, building area of about 36,000 square meters and currently employs 289 people. Institute of companies had

valves, valve technology that brings together the many outstanding talents, and now consists of more than 30 scientific research personnel people. In

company led and all employees of efforts Xia, has made including elastic seat seal gate, and double eccentric butterfly valve, and eccentric hemisphere

valve, and ball valve, and spin ball valve, more than 30 more than itemsnational patent, while through has ISo9001 quality management system

certification, and ISo14001 environmentmanagement system certification, and career health security management system certification, and

specialequipment manufacturing license, and national mandatory products certification (3C certification), productionqualification certification



Fujian Nan'an Shengli Valve Factory was established


Fujian Quanzhou Shengli Valve Factory was established


The company applied for registration of the "Zhaoli Brand" trademark


Changed to Fujian Victory Valve Co., Ltd.


Established a teaching practice base with Fuzhou University and started cooperation in valve technology research and development.


First to obtain special equipment manufacturing license (pressure pipe components)


The company has opened several distribution agencies throughout the country to further develop the domestic market.


DN4000 large diameter butterfly valve successfully developed


The registered capital of SHENGLI Valve Co., Ltd. is 56 million yuan.


The company newly applied for the registration of the "OVO" trademark and reshaped the corporate image recognition system.


The company has passed ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification.


Won the "National Product Quality Exemption" Certificate


Won the title of "Fujian Famous Trademark, China Famous Trademark"


Won the title of "high-tech enterprise"


The company established the valve research institute, focusing on the development and design of new valves.


Received the "Annual AAA Credit Enterprise" Honorary Certificate


A number of valve patent applications were successfully passed and reviewed by the State Intellectual Property Office.


The company has obtained the "Customer Satisfaction Product" and "Customer Satisfaction Service Unit" honorary certificate.


Passed environmental management system certification, occupational health and safety management system certification


Won the "Engineering Construction Recommended Product Certificate"


Become a valve supplier of the National South-North Water Transfer Project


The company's registered capital was changed to 116 million yuan


Won the "China AAA Credit Enterprise"


Added a number of patent certificates for valve technology


Obtained China Compulsory Certification for CCC Products

Ball valve series

Disc valve series

Gate valve, check valve series

Blind plate valve, hydraulic control valve series

Hydraulic control valve series

Honors & certifications

Connector series

Research power

       The company has a strong technical force team, there are more than 50 high- and mid-level technicians, specializing in valve design, technology,

testing and service work. It has obtained more than 30 national patents

including elastic seat sealing gate valve, double eccentric butterfly valve,

eccentric hemispherical valve, ball valve and rotary ball valve. The company has a CAD product development center and an after-sales service center,

which can carry out dynamic simulation design of the product to ensure

that it meets the demanding working conditions and guarantees the

interests of users.

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